Agrar Management

AMG Agrarmanagement GmbH is a consultancy firm specialising in outdoor vegetable production which also acts as a service provider for the Mecklenburger Ernte Producers' Organisation (EO-ME). It advises affiliated market gardening companies with regard to production and controlling as well as ensuring the consistently high quality of produce by providing independent controls in accordance with national and international standards. AMG Agrarmanagement GmbH is committed to supporting producers in complying with the extremely high production and quality expectations.

Within the field of production, it works in conjunction with farmers to develop an approach to soil treatment, planting and harvesting of produce which accords due consideration to the prevailing conditions at the location. It uses satellite controlled surveying techniques to provide precise field data. This delivers a practical tool for cultivation planing and administration. It also conducts its own crop variety tests to provide independent information and support for crop selection. Procurement syndicates offer members of the producers' association a vehicle for obtaining equipment at favourable rates.

With regard to controlling, producers are supplied with regular and detailed evaluations of operational performance and quality as well as being notified of the current economic situation. This enables company managers to react immediately to any adverse developments which may occur.
With regard to quality assurance, AMG Agrarmanagement GmbH has a tried and tested and comprehensive monitoring system in place which encompasses all areas of vegetable production. Independent quality controls take place in the field at planting and harvest as well as being conducted in the processing and packaging plants and when goods are transported.

A professional residual produce monitoring system also ensures that only tested and perfect produce is marketed via the producers' organisation.
The staff of AMG Agrarmanagement GmbH have both academic qualifications and many years of experience in market gardening. They extend their knowledge by taking part in courses and advanced training on a regular basis. Alongside the professional expertise they possess, they also set great store by a thorough knowledge of foreign languages such as Spanish, Polish and Rumanian. This enables them to offer successful advisory services to producers outside Germany.